Financial Support

Warehouse Operational Budget

The fixed facility cost to operate and maintain the warehouse is estimated to be $50,000 each year. This includes utilities and insurance and minimal upkeep. The warehouse and campus were constructed to be low maintenance and is operated frugally; we strive to be good stewards of God’s resources. We solicit your perpetual support to make sure this vitally needed resource is available to serve the PCA for the future. Please consider creating a line item for our warehouse operational fund in your presbytery and/or church yearly budget. Another way to lend financial support is to hold a special event each year to raise awareness and raise support to channel to our operational fund.

  • Click here to go directly to all warehouse support opportunities.
  • Click here to purchase a Warehouse Week @ $1,000. Your church, presbytery, Sunday School, College/RUF Chapter, Diaconal Ministry, Parrish group, Men’s Prayer Group, WIC, Youth Ministry can provide funding for one week a year. We also encourage that your group bring a team for one week of service each year to serve in the warehouse. It is a GREAT short term mission trip!
  • If you would like to donate stock, please contact us directly for more information.

Contact Sherry Lanier at for more information.