Welcome & Purpose

The Charles H. Jones Family Disaster Response Center is the home of the Mission to North America (MNA) Disaster Response Warehouse and Disaster Readiness Training Center. This campus is a hub that is centrally located to the majority of the churches in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).

The purpose of this facility is two-fold. First, our purpose is to support the relief efforts of the PCA by marshaling critically needed resources, supplied by God’s people, to communities in desperate need which have been affected by natural disasters and man-induced calamities. Second, providing a place for pre-event training to help the PCA be prepared for the certain coming disaster events. Renovation is currently underway by volunteer mission teams to prepare this facility to help fulfill this purpose.

We welcome your participation in this great endeavor. Please take a stroll around the site. Here you will find many opportunities to support this vital ministry and if you would like to volunteer with us, you will also find the information necessary to do so.

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